Advanced Engineering Physics

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Advanced Engineering Physics


This book is intended partly to serve as a textbook cum reference for the course Engineering Physics taught at the undergraduate level in engineering colleges all over the country. The other purpose of the book is to serve as a reference book for research workers in theoretical physics and signal processing. The chapters of the book cover almost all the major disciplines in theoretical physics with an additional engineering flavour introduced via study projects. These projects will be of use to research workers in analog and digital signal processing who are interested in applying signal processing methods to physical problems. The material of the book is based partly on the theoretical physics volumes of Landau and Lifschitz and partly on the projects guided by the author in the electronics engineering department where he is currently working. The basic methodology employed by the author in this book is to describe the physical model via ordinary or partial differential equations and then show illustrate how digital signal processing techniques based on discretization of derivatives and partial derivatives can be applied to such models.


2.Fluid Dynamics
5.Quantum Mechanics
6.Circuit Theory
8.Solid State Physics
9.Digital Signal Processing
11.Statistical Physics


Author: Harish Parthasarathy

ISBN: 8180520927

Pages: 710
Price: Rs.995/-

Author Harish Parthasarathy
Publisher Ane
Page count 710

Categories: Engineering Science

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