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Ogilvy On Advertising (Vintage) is a book on business management that covers the aspects of advertising.

This book is a comprehensive guide on all the facets of advertising. It begins with an introduction with a chapter called Overture. It then goes on to explain the core concepts of the field like how to get clients and how to come up with sellable advertising. It then provides details on the advertising job markets and how to get these jobs. It also contains an open letter to a client in search of an advertising agency and information on how to run and manage an advertising agency.

The author imparts to the reader his experience in making TV commercials and advertising corporations in this book, as well as his belief that print advertising is in great need of a renaissance. It explains the 18 miracles of research and the manner in which to advertise foreign travel. It explains that direct mail is the secret weapon of an advertising executive, and contains the secrets of business-to-business advertising and the principles of marketing.

In this book are the four fundamental principles of advertising mantra: maintaining professional discipline, performing intense research, being creatively brilliant, and producing results for clients. The book also explains the good causes that advertising can be used for, and how to use it for this. It teaches readers how to compete with Procter & Gamble, and in the last chapter, explains the author’s personal opinion on the flaws in advertising. Ogilvy On Advertising (Vintage) was published by RHUS in 1985. This 1st vintage books edition is available in paperback.

Key Features:

  • The book contains 233 photos that illustrate the content and make it more entertaining.
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ISBN 9780394729039
Author David Ogilvy
Publisher VINTAGE
Language English
Page count 224
Book Format Paperback

Categories: Advertising & Branding

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