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Anna Sewell, in her first and only published book, portrays a classictale about the life of a Magnificient, beautiful, proud… “Well- bredand well-born horse”… Black Beauty.

The author tells this unforgettable story, which takes place in nineteenth-century England, through the eyes of Black Beauty. The reader will feel the love and cruelty that this great stallion experiences. Beginning with Black Beauty’s wonderful life with his master, Squire Gordon, and the Kindness of Jerry Barker to the terrible times as a “wagon” and “cab” horse having to tolerate the torture of the “proper” English bearing reins, Black Beauty’s story will speak for all animals that can’t speak for themselves.

This story is considered one of the most successful animal stories ever written… truly a timeless classic!

Subject Children Book
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ISBN 9788190296250
Author anna sewell
Publisher Supernova
Page count 61
Book Format Paperback

Categories: Comics

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