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This allegorical novel, set in sixth-century India around the time of the Buddha, follows a young man on his search for enlightenment. Here the spirituality of the East and the West have met in a novel that enfigures deep human wisdom with a rich and colorful imagination.Written in a prose of almost biblical simplicity and beauty, it is the story of a soul`s long quest in search of the ultimate answer to the enigma of man`s role on this earth. As a youth, the young Indian Siddhartha meets the Buddha but cannot be content with a disciple`s role: he must work out his own destiny and solve his own doubt-a tortuous road that carries him through the sensuality of a love affair and riches, the heartache of a struggle with his own son, to final renunciation and self-knowledge. The name Siddhartha is one often given to the Buddha himself-perhaps a clue to Hesse`s aims in contrasting the traditional legendary figure with his own conception, as a European (Hesse was Swiss), of a spiritual explorer. Special Features: The book Siddhartha , by Hermann Hesse, is a short fairy tale version of ... It shows how Siddhartha is struck by lust and greed and leaves his family for ... Read full review

Subject Religion
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ISBN 9788190716130
Author Hermann Hesse
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Language English
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Categories: Religion & Spirituality

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