Social Media Marketing : An Hour A Day

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Social Media Marketing: An Hour A Day

Dave Evans is a leading expert in social media marketing whose passion is tapping the power of connected social networks through word-of-mouth and consumer-generated media. Digital Voodoo, the marketing technology consultancy Dave founded, has worked with Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, and Intelliquest (now Millward-Brown), and Dave has also developed integrated communication strategies for such clients as Southwest Airlines, AARP, Wal-Mart, Dial, the PGA Tour, and Chili's. He also founded, a podcasting service, is a ClickZ columnist and frequent trade show speaker, and served on the advisory board for ad:tech and the measurement and metrics council for the Word of Mouth Marketing Association.

Table of Contents
Part I The Foundation of Social Media.

    • Chapter 1 Backlash.
    • Chapter 2 The Marketer's Dilemma.
    • Chapter 3 What Is Social Media?

Part II Month 1: Prepare for Social Marketing.

    • Chapter 4 Week 1: Web 2.0: The Social Web.
    • Chapter 5 Week 2: The Social Feedback Cycle.
    • Chapter 6 Week 3: Touchpoint Analysis.
    • Chapter 7 Week 4: Influence and Measurement.

Part III Month 2: Social Media Channels.

    • Chapter 8 Week 1: Build a Social Media Campaign.
    • Chapter 9 Week 2: Social Platforms.
    • Chapter 10 Week 3: Social Content: Multimedia.
    • Chapter 11 Week 4: Social Content: Reviews, Ratings, and Recommendations.
    • Chapter 12 Week 5: Social Interactions.

Part IV Month 3: Complete Your Plan.

    • Chapter 13 Week 1: Objectives, Metrics, and ROI.
    • Chapter 14 Week 2: Present Your Social Media Plan.
    • Appendix A Worksheets.
    • Worksheets Part II.
    • Worksheets Part III.
    • Worksheets Part IV.
    • Appendix B Additional Social Media Resources.
    • Index.
Subject Social Media Marketing
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Author Dave Evans
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