India’s External intelligence

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India’s External intelligence

This Book is the first account book by a person who has served in RAW at a senior level and was able to see its functioning from close quarters. Since he was concerned with signal intelligence operations, most of the coverage is devoted to the former. The book brings to light several lacunae in the functioning of the country’s top intelligence agency. The most glaring being the anomalies in procurement of equipment, lack of accountability and our dependence on foreign sources,with the resultant threat to national security. Some of the hitherto untold stories recounted in the book are: 1. how equipment was purchased from foreign companies at pricesthet were more then ten times the market price by altering technical parameters. 2. how the security of the prime minister was almost compromised for a few pieces of silver.

3. the circumstances leading to the death of one of RAW’s Brightest officers, vipin handa 4. the stories of moles in the country’s top intelligence agencies, including that of rabinder singh. 5. the biter rivalrybetween RAW and IB, and its effect. 6. the modus operandi of foreign agencies in recruiting moles in India.

The Indian taxpayer has a right to know how his money is spent, and after reading this book, he will not only be wiser but also angry. The auther hopes that the anger gives rise to a public debate and an increase in accountability of our top intelligence agencies.

About The Auther : After Pre-commision Training at the NDA, kharakvasla and IMA, dehradun, major general VK Singh was commissioned into the corps of signals on 27th june 1965. he is an alumnus of the staff college, Wellington; the college of defence management, secunderabad and the national defence college, delhi . he has also been an instructor at the military college. He raisedthe signal regiment of the Indian army’s first mechanized division, in 1982.

Author: Maj Gen VK Singh

ISBN: 8170493323

Pages: 183

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Author Maj Gen VK Singh
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