The Story Of My Life

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The Story of My Life is Helen Keller’s own inspiring account of how it was to be handicapped by blindness and deafness – and through the magic of learning to reach out and conquer these handicaps. With the help of a great and dedicated teacher, Anne Sullivan, Helen Keller discovered the world through her fingertips. From the first moment when she understood that everything had a name, and that names were words, her progress was joyful and rapid. Her own story of how this miracle was accomplished is The Story of My Life, one of the most famous books of twentieth century. It is famous because the story it tells is not only unusual, but inspiring.

This Restored Classic Edition contains Keller’s long-lost original work and rare photographs, along with her Letters and with supplementary account of her life and education by Anne Sullivan and John Macy.

“The greatest woman of our age.”

-Winston Churchill

Subject Autobiography
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ISBN 9788188951512
Author Helen Keller
Publisher PIgeon Books India
Language English
Page count 424
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