The Essentials Of Finance And Budgeting

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Business Literacy For HR Professionals

The HR Professional’s Guide to Finance

NO ORGANISATION CAN SURVIVE and fulfill its purpose if it spends more money than it takes in. That means all human resources professionals must have a solid understanding of foundational financial concepts if they are to meaningfully support their firm’s strategic goals and make the smartest possible use of limited resources. This book clearly explains how HR professionals can understand and use basic financial information and tools to:

    * Analyze key financial statements
    * Create and implement an HR scorecard
    * Understand the implications of tax laws
    * Make accurate forecasts and budgets
    * Measure and report human capital
    * Perform cost/benefit analysis, EVA, discounted cash flow, and more

The Business Literacy for HR Professionals Series

The Business Literacy for HR Professionals Series educates HR professionals at all levels in the principles, practices, and processes of business and management. Developed in cooperation with the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and drawing on rich content from Harvard Business School Publishing and SHRM, these books provide a comprehensive overview of the concepts, skills, and tools HR professionals need to be influential strategic partners in their organizations.

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