In Search Of The Obvious

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The Antidote For Today's Marketing Mess

This is the first book that states the obvious: Marketing is a mess. Marketing guru Jack Trout intends to make a lot of people, who made the mess, very uncomfortable:

  • Advertisers are criticized as people who look for the creative and edgy, not the obvious. They will not be happy.
  • Marketing people are criticized for getting hopelessly entangled in corporate egos and complicated projects. They will not be happy.
  • Research people are criticized for generating more confusion than clarity. They will not be happy.
  • Some big companies are criticized for their ill-fated marketing programs or lack of proper strategy. They will not be happy.
  • Wall Street is criticized for putting too much emphasis on growth that is unnecessary and can be destructive to a brand. They will just ignore this criticism and continue trying to make as much money as they can.
  • But this is a book not written to make people happy but to explain to marketers what their real problem is. Only then will they begin to look for the obvious solutions that will separate their products from their competitors -- in a way that is equally obvious to customers. All this comes with no jargon, no numbers, no complexity, and a great deal of common sense.I
  • The search for any marketing strategy is the search for the obvious.

 In this book marketing guru Jack Trout clears up the confusion that surrounds the marketing profession. Instead of focusing on segmentation or customer retention or search engine optimzation or data mining, marketers should be searching for that simple, obvious differentiation idea. Merketers not looking for the obvious had better have a very low price.

 This search should begin with what Trout considers the best book ever written on marketing - even though it was published in 1916 and isn't about marketing. Entitled Obvious Adams: The Story of a Successful Business Man, it lays out the five tests of an obvious idea that will lead you to the right marketing strategy for any product.

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ISBN 9789380032150
Author Jack Trout
Publisher Westland Publication
Language English
Page count 208
Book Format Hardbound

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